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Situated on the most prime location of Thu Thiem ward, The Metropole Thu Thiem residence complex own the perfect views, ensuring a river view of almost apartments.

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The Metropole Thu Thiem is surrounded by new symbolic works of the city such as the Convention Center, Central Plaza, Riverside Park and Crescent Boulevard. The Metropole’s design inspiration is taken from the nations of a symphony. The glass wall design helps the building not only take advantage of natural light, soundproofing and insulation but also allows to capture the colorful movement of the day.  With the  advancement of technology, interior furniture and equipment are upgraded to the most luxurious apartments to residents such as dual convenience of the face and finger ID, auto-opening door locks, air purifier, wine chiller, the built-in “air dresser”, smart shower system…

The Metropole Thu Thiem is a masterpiece of art - the intersection of people, art and nature, promising to bring not only a one-of-a-kind living space, but also to inspire the residents and become a legacy for future generations.

There are 4 phases of The Metropole Thu Thiem

- The Galleria Residence: 486 units (456 residential units and 30 commercial units), 12 floors

- The Crest Residence: 240 units

- The Opera Residence: 646 units

- Phase 4th: updating


Apartment for rent in The Metropole Thu Thiem is from 700 USD - 3,500 USD/month depending on the size, the view and furniture status

Type of property Rental price range
1 bedroom apartment 700 USD/month - 1,000 USD/month
2 bedroom apartment 800 USD/month - 1,500 USD/month
3 bedroom apartment 1,200 USD/month - 2,500 USD/month
4 bedroom apartment 2,500 USD/month - 3,500 USD/month
Penthouse 6,000 USD/month - 10,000 USD/month
Shophouse 3,000 USD/month - 5,000 USD/month
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